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Outliers (2020)

125K+ Views

This song gained a ton of popularity in the metal reaction community in late 2020, earning METALBIRB's 2020 Song of The Year pick, as well as ranking highly amongst many reactors' Top 10 lists for the year. 

Luminaria (2023)

155k+ Total Views

AVIATIONS are back with 5 back to back singles from their latest album Luminaria.


Aviations aims to give every note meaning and every lyric thoughtfulness. With their third full-length record Luminaria, Aviations is gaining new ground in refining a sound and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in progressive music. Entirely produced by the band itself, they produced five music videos to support their latest offering. 

Originally began in Boston MA, the impassioned band engages in their auditory journey with a brand of progressive rock warmly coined ‘cozy metal’, in homage to the complex mixed emotions of nostalgia and comfort that wend their way through the music.  

With the release of The Light Years LP (2018), Aviations’ sophomore record gained traction for the band to stretch out from shorter tours to a first full US trek with friends in Outrun the Sunlight.  

A follow-up EP released in 2020, Retrospect, brought new fans to older music, expanding on earlier songs from the band members’ younger days in music school, and re-recording from scratch with the modern Aviations lineup to add each of the six performers’ influences to the music. The 11-minute Outliers received critical acclaim from the music reaction community, with METALBIRB notably giving it his Song of the Year award in 2020

With dense, yet accessible, music informed by the diverse influences of each member, Aviations’ cohesion on 2023's Luminaria is brought about through patient exploration of writing and performing.  

     “Blink, is everything from its jarring progressive passages to melodic hooks, piled on top of more melodic hooks.” (Greg Kennelty, Metal Injection). 

With 5 singles released with music videos directed by the band themselves, Luminaria is poised to be a classic for new and old fans alike. The band hopes to continue with its unique brand of progressive metal and push the boundaries further with every subsequent release. 


Monuments - Werner Erkelens (Bass)

ONI - James Knoerl (Drums) Eric Palmer (Guitar Tech)

Blumen - Richard Blumenthal (Pianist Composer)


Arch Echo  •  Outrun The Sunlight  •  Tesseract  •  Animals As Leaders  •  Intronaut   •  Cloudkicker  •  CHON  •  Conquering Dystopia  •  Nekrogoblikon  •  Native Construct  •  Sound Struggle and more...